Secure Login/out Systems

At Quality Cleaning Services, we utilise a highly secure Login and Logout system, which helps us to provide our services efficiently on time, on budget every time! Our super secure Login and out system transforms our business with remote staff, improving processes, efficiency and quality of service.

The system manages many admin processes to help reduce admin times, such as:


We can auto-schedule staff members either by continuity or mileage, depending on your various project requirements


We utilise monitoring via mobile applications, biometrics and landline systems to provide proof of arrival and service delivery


We can remove paper forms and allow staff and clients to complete forms on a tablet or mobile – the system will update records records in real time


The system can use monitoring data and business rules to manage staff payments as well as client invoices

Our highly secure Login/out scheduling system improves our overall service and process. For further information and to disucss your requirements with a member of our team, please contact us today.