Tailor-made Cleaning Packages

When it comes to cleaning jobs, one size does not fit all — there’s no time like the present to leap beyond a general cleaning to a heavy duty premium super-intensive cleaning solution to restore your office or home to polished perfection. There are many areas and surfaces that aren’t always attended to during standard, routine services and custom cleaning services are sometimes required to successfully maintain various areas of the building or appliances. There are also special situations, such as flooding, extreme weather, or unusually heavy foot traffic demanding heavy-duty cleaning measures to restore premises to their original state.

Upon request, we can provide tailored cleaning packages, based on your unique domestic or commercial requirements. We can provide simple, custom cleans through to tailored deep cleaning tasks, including: dishwashers, kitchen surfaces, toilets, washbasins, ceilings, hallways, rubbish bins, doors, fridge and freezer, heavily soiled rugs, and more. Just tell us what and where to clean, and we’ll happily comply.

What Cleaning Services Do We Provide?

We offer a diverse commercial cleaning service range, including:

Sweeping and vacuuming of office floors

Mopping, polishing, and buffing of all floor surfaces

Window and ledge cleaning

Dusting and washing off surface dust and grime on office surfaces

Pre or Post clean-up services scheduled around special business events

Thorough cleaning of bathrooms, kitchens, and common areas

Light or heavy duty rubbish removal

No Job Is Too Big or Small For Quality Cleaning Services

We handle small, medium, and large projects, running the gamut from cleaning windows, frames, and doors, to scrubbing grimy communal toilets and heavily trafficked commercial kitchens.

We pay close attention to every detail–from brushing cobwebs from ceiling corners to cleaning and polishing mirrors until they are streak-free and glistening. While they are cleaning, our team pays careful attention to the minutest details, such as removing fingerprint smudges from lift doors and doorknobs.

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About Us

We clean your home or office exactly as if we owned it so that you'll always invite us back. We highly value client feedback and listen closely to what our clients tell us so that we can deliver the cleaning service they value most.


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Quality Cleaning Services is in the business of helping your commercial businesses present a top-notch professional image. We provide a Wide variety of different services to help you do this.

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